Custom Radiator Cooling Systems

The most common form of cooling your genset is by using radiator cooling systems. The systems can either be engine-mounted, or remote. Engine-mounted radiators offer the simplest cooling system, whereas a remote radiator would likely be used in a more complex design where space, noise, or ventilation can be an issue for keeping your generator cooled to an acceptable temperature whilst ensuring the safety of those in the vicinity of the machine. Engine-mounted radiators are factory matched to machines so the only thing you need to worry about is proper ventilation while running your generator.

We can design an upgraded cooling system to increase cooling capacity and reduce noise level for your standard genset, this would be especially helpful in the movie industry and when using backup power to reduce noise.

A few things that we consider when deciding whether or not a remote radiator is the best choice are: complexity of system, water pressure, air temperature, ventilation and an adequate barrier against the elements as well as limiting sound from the machine.

Please call the office and one of our friendly staff members will gladly assist you in answering any questions you might have regarding custom radiator cooling systems we can design, quote, and install for you at any time.