Generator Sales

At our location we have generators available for rent, lease, or purchase that are used for Commercial, Industrial, Prime Power, Towable, and Home-Standby backup power.

Industrial generators are generally used in facilities where backup power is critical such as hospitals, airports, financial institutions, oil & gas facilities, mines, disaster relief centers, and so many more where having power is absolutely essential not only to the business but to the safety of the employees and customers.

Commercial size generators are commonly found in restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, medical clinics, office spaces and everything in between where if there’s an outage, your business is in trouble until the utilities are available again. If your power is out, that means no productivity from employees, no customers, possibly losing money on spoiled inventory, and most importantly NO REVENUE!

If you find yourself in an area where utilities are either very expensive, service is frequently interrupted or unreliable, or in a location where utilities are not available, then using a Prime Power unit is the best choice to keep your home or job site comfortable.

Towable generators allow you to bring power virtually anywhere you could possibly need it. From outdoor events to remote construction sites to storm recovery, these units can be used for prime power or standby applications for long periods of time making them very versatile and very useful in many situations.


Don’t be left in the dark when the power goes out, be prepared for anything with BA Power!