New and Custom Builds

When building a custom genset, the possibilities are almost endless and that is one of the reasons why our techs love building a machine that is 100% customized to the job at hand, the space available. Not only does it give our technicians the chance to build something that is completely unique, but it also gives the customer a chance to be more involved in the process of designing and installation from start to finish!

Having over 20 years of experience building, designing, selling, servicing and maintaining all types of generator sets from diesel to natural gas and in a wide range of sizes, our certified technicians are able to design a custom genset that is completely unique.

With every building, house, shop space, and job site is different. Lack of space or ventilation, noise requirements, power demands and weather conditions, sometimes make it difficult for anyone to assess your own needs, let our experts help you configure a set that will keep your power running for years to come by offering a free onsite survey.