Sound Attenuation Enclosures

The amount of noise produced by a generator is greatly affected by size of the machine, and the size of the load in which it is bearing. The sound producing components of the generators are mechanical, exhaust, and air flow.  We can reduce the noise level are through absorption, redirection or reflection, and use of noise cancelling technologies.

When choosing an enclosure for your generator set, there are generally three levels of sound attenuation that can be suited to fit the needs of your machine and location based on general rules of operating a generator set.

Level I: 70 to 89 d(B)A*
Level II: 63 to 78 d(B)A*
Level III: 68 to 70 d(B)A*

In most places the acceptable sound level of a generator cannot exceed between 65-70 decibels measured at a distance of 23 feet.

If you would like to learn more about sound levels of your machine and ways you can reduce the noise, call us today!